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Shuguang Chemical Evaluated “China’s Petrochemical Complex Advanced in Environmental Protection”


In the recently-held national petrochemical industry environmental protection work conference, Shuguang Chemical Co., Ltd, which is under Shuguang Group, was evaluated as “China’s Petrochemical Complex Advanced in Environmental Protection”, which the company has shared for the third time following “the 9th Five-year Plan” and “the 10th Five-year Plan”.

Since the founding of Shuguang Chemical Co., Ltd, it has been persisting in the management philosophy “Environmental protection is precondition for the enterprise development”, strictly following the state laws and regulations on environment, strictly following environmental system of “three simultaneous co-actions”, i.e. simultaneous designing, simultaneous engineering and simultaneous putting into production, and has met standard of discharge of waste water, waste gas and noise, which has improved our environment management performance steadily.