Potassium cyanide

Product Use
Potassium cyanide is an important chemistry’s raw material and used for mineral floatation and extraction of gold and silver, and for electric plating and steel heating treatment. Especially in the metal-surface plating, compared with sodium cyanide, it gives more efficient current, wider range of current density and average electric plating. Therefore it’s the first choice for electric plating of such precious metals as gold, silver, etc. It’s popular in copper-, zinc-electrical plating as well. Potassium cyanide is also as a reagent of analytical chemistry and widely used in manufacturing organic cyanate and pharmaceutical products, camera, acrylonitrile, plexiglass, etching, lithography, mildew-removal agent, and so on.

Packing Type
1.Package The goods is packed by steel drums and compound material.
2.Steel drum and box package: adopting outer package of steel drum and box with an inner package of plastic bag.

3.Its specifications are 1000Kg/drum and 50Kg/drum.
4.Wooden drum package: 20Kg/drum.

Quality index(Standard of the PRC, GB 27585-2011 is being implemented.)

Water content
Insoluble chemicals
Excellent Class
White piece-, briquette-, crystal-shaped pills

 Product Certification