New Shuguang Fine Chemical


Anqing New Shuguang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. produces mainly liquid sodium cyanide, potassium argentocyanide, gold  potassium  cyanide, silver cyanide, editic acid (EDTA) and its sodium salt, iminodiacetic acid (IDA) and its sodium salt, sodium thiocyanate, liquid ammonium, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate,formaldehyde and methanol.

The company has more than thirty years’ experience in production of sodium cyanide. It has first developed in China new technique of producing compound ammonium by using recycling tail gas of sodium cyanide through splitting action with light oil, which has won Anhui provincial grade-three-prize for scientific achievement. The company is strong in technology and strict in management. Its product quality has reached advanced level in China.

Legal representative: Wang Xiaobo                Tel:0556-5203599/5201066

General manager:Cao Jianming                 Fax:0556-5203841

Add: 316, Huazhong East Rd. Anqing, Anhui           E-mail:jtb@sgchem.com