Shuguang Plexiglass

Anqing Shuguang Plexiglass Co., Ltd. is a designated enterprise manufacturing cabin bonnets for airplane Hongzhuan 502 required by the Ministry of Chinese Aviation And Space Industry. Its main products are plexiglas plates, tubes (pipes) and bars of various kinds and colours, and so on. It also possesses capacity of production of military products, such as aviation-used plexiglas YB2 and YB3, polyvinyl chloride soft tubes, polyethylene

plastic bags, cemented polyester fiber plexiglas plates, missile-used mirrors, oil cabin bonnets S-27 and navy deep see vision mirrors, etc.

Recently our company has developed a series of products, such as plexiglas household goods, exbihition supports, pet-used goods, etc. Our company has imported some advanced machines from Germany and America, which will ensure our plexiglas products’ quality.

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