Shuguang Technical

Technical Centre of Anhui Shuguang Chemical Group
Taking the technical center as a main body, Anhui Shuguang Chemical Group has strong technical force for foreign cooperation, being able to supply chemical technology and consultation service to partners in and out of the group. It has rich experience in design of assembly of producing sodium cyanide by light oil splitting decomposition, technical application and development of producing high-purity sodium cyanide by using hydrocyanic acid, a by-product of vinyl cyanide.

Through appraising examination, the center has been certified continuously since 1998 as “Anhui certified enterprise technical center ”. Under the center, there are some branches. They are scientific  and technological development center, research institute of sodium cyanide, research institute of plexiglas, middle-sized workshops, preparatory team of methionine project. The center has also set up a technical committee and an experts’committee.

Director: Yu Yongfa
Vice-directors: Wang Xiaobo, Chen Changbin,Cao Jianming
Add: 236, Huazhong Rd. Anqing, Anhui
Postcode: 246003
Tel: 0556-5381407/0556-5372600 extension 8665